La Charente Maritime
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The Cagouille, for gourmets!     

The Charentais prefer to give what are normally referred to as escargots (snails) the more affectionate name ‘cagouilles’. It is said that the Petit Gris in our region are improved by the Cognac-imbued earth and from this take on their unique, tender and perfumed flavour.

A land of cagouillards

The inhabitants of the Saintonge are nicknamed the ‘Cagouillards’, reflecting how attached the Charentais are to this famous mollusc. Since 1978, it even has its own graternal society, who celebrate the snail every first weekend of September at Saint-Sauveur d’Aunis.

A reared product

The Charente-Maritime is the largest producer of snails in France. The gastropod reproduces after a period of hibernation; the eggs are then reared in parks. The Petit Gris reaches adulthood after 6 months, while in the wild it only reaches this stage after 12 - 18 months. It measures 2 to 3 centimetres and weighs 8 - 12 grams.

Different recipes

Whether collected in the wild or reared, the ‘cagouille’ invariably finishes on a plate. Boiled, grilled or cooked with Pineau in a pot-au-feu, they always satisfy the discerning gourmet palate.

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