La Charente Maritime
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Charming villages
Charming villages
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  • Charming villages
Charming villages
Charming villages

Most Beautiful Villages of France     

Using very strict criteria, - rural, natural and architectural heritage, overall quality and collective will – France today counts 148 ‘Plus beaux villages de France’ (Most Beautiful Villages of France). Also including a number of villages of character, Charente-Maritime has a total of nine exceptional rural communes.


At the mouth of the Seudre estuary, this little harbour with oyster huts lining the channel also has a maze of narrow streets and an old church.


In the middle of the Ile de Ré, this commune with small climbing streets surrounding its church has a splendid harbour.


Built between 1630 and 1640, under the orders of Richelieu, Brouage Citadel is a splendid example of military architecture.


Is a magnificent medieval village with the remarkable Romanesque church of Saint-Saturnin, the vestiges of the old priory and seigniorial home.

La Flotte-en-Ré

Around its fantastic medieval market and picturesque harbour, this village asserts authenticity and charm of the first order.


In the North of the Ile de Ré, with its little narrow streets lined with green-shuttered white houses, harbour and imposing church, is a feast for the eyes.


On the Ile d’Oléron: Life here is to the rhythm of maritime and nautical activity all along the channel, with the marina, lock and trawlers.


With its Romanesque church, 11th century priory and market halls, is a quintessential medieval town.


At the far end of the Charente estuary opposite the Ile d’Aix, Ile de Ré and the Ile d’Oléron, has an old dungeon surrounded by triple ramparts. There are also a large number of ‘Belle Epoque’ villas.
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