La Charente Maritime
5 minutes pour découvrir la Charente Maritime

‘Authentic’ Aix: A place steeped in history!     

Take the ferry from the Pointe de Fouras, at the Port de la Fumée and cross part of the Antioche sound, landing about twenty minutes later on the Ile d’Aix. Welcome to the ‘land’ of tranquillity. Here there are no cars, nor buses. 4km long and 600m wide, the crescent-shaped Ile d’Aix is to discover on foot, by bike, or calèche!

A place steeped in history

Fortified by Vauban - the surroundings of Rochefort’s arsenal were protected through the centuries. The Ile d’Aix plays host to the house where Napoleon spent his last hours, and is an immense open-air history book. The village on the isle has a number of cobbled streets that are perfect for discovering the authentic local architecture.

Untamed nature

With hollyhocks everywhere, the Ile d’Aix is a little like a vast garden. In this miniature world where nature reigns, small sandy creeks can be found a little further between the Pointe Sainte-Catherine and the Pointe de Coudepont, edged with forests of pine and cypress. Opposite are the Ile de Ré and the Ile d'Oléron, and by looking a bit further you can also see Fort Boyard. This calm and silent coast lends itself perfectly to fishing, bathing and boat trips. On the Ile d’Aix nothing has changed…but shhh – just like this wonderful place, let’s share that secret.

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