La Charente Maritime
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Birthplace of French oyster farming!     

Marennes is on the right bank of the Seudre. The capital of the green oyster – a unique colour coming from the presence of a microscopic alga, the blue navicula, in the oyster pit where it is reared – benefits from a remarkable location. Thanks to the combination of a temperate climate, a clay-rich soil and the fresh waters brought in by the Charente, the Seudre and the Gironde, the Marennes-Oléron basin is an exceptional site for oyster culture.

The largest oyster culture basin in Europe

Today, Marennes-Oléron is the leading European centre for oyster farming with a production varying between 40 and 60,000 tonnes depending on the year. The surface area farmed currently stretches over 6,000 hectares and the number of farms is estimated at around 2,000. Enjoying a unique environment and an age-long savoir-faire, the oyster of Marennes-Oléron is a product of the highest quality, and is the only one in France to be accredited Label Rouge (Red Label).

A rich heritage

The region of Marennes also reveals a major military heritage with Chapus Fort or Louvois Fort in Bourcefranc-le-Chapus and the Brouage Citadel, built by Vauban. In the middle of the marsh, you can also visit the Les Loges Windmill in Saint-Just-Luzac.

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