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The Oyster Centre

La cité de l’Huitre, come and experience a unique and authentic moment !

Located at the heart of the Marennes-Oléron Basin, on the Cayenne channel, the Cité de l’Huitre (Oyster Centre) will help you to discover and share the sensations and flavours of an exceptional terroir.

Discover oyster farming at the Cité de l’Huître

Marennes-Oléron oysters : a flavour all of their own
Small, medium, fat, thin, short or long, oysters can be enjoyed all year round. The best way to appreciate the taste is to eat them plain, even if bread and butter, lemon, and other gourmet specialities do go with them very nicely!

There are two main categories of oyster:
- Fine, fattened oysters (les fines de Claire) , with a delicate body and nutty taste.
- Special oysters fattened in ponds (les spéciales de Clair) with a firmer flesh and a stronger taste.

An oyster farm educational centre ôle dé
La Cité de l’Huître welcomes, entertains and informs visitors of all ages, in families or in groups.

It offers a wide range of shows, tastings and varied activities: The Claire Oyster educational trail, the Oyster  Farm School, the Oyster Cabin, the visitors’centre etc. Here we call upon all your senses and you will make your trip on foot, by bike, in a little train and by boat!

Find out everything you want to know about the oyster farmer’s work
In July and August, find out about the oyster farmer’s job by having fun with Bilout and Aline in the Oyster Cabin.

You can also awaken your senses and take part in the workshops designed for young and old alike!
At the Oyster Adventure, you can learn in a fun and educational way by using your guidebook and initiate your children in the art of being an oyster farmer during the recreational workshops.


Opening hours

Open from April 1st in the morning to November 3rd in the evening.
Open every day during this period except on Mondays and Tuesdays outside the school holidays.

• April, May, June, September: from 11am to 7pm
Open every day except Mondays and Tuesdays outside of school holidays.

• July and August: from 10.30am to 8pm
• October: from 11am to 6pm
Open only at weekends, but open every day during the November school holidays.

Ticket office closes 1hr15mins before the site closes. 

Ticket prices

• Adults: 9 €
• Children (6-16 yrs): 5 €, free for children under 6
• Senior citizens and students: 7 €
• Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children): 23 €

 Prices include, the tour, entertainment activities, tasting session and the loan of a bike.

Contact details

La Cité de l'Huître

Chenal de La Cayenne
Tél. : 05 46 36 78 98


The Oyster Festival, « Les ostréales »
From Monday to Friday from 8th July to 31st of August on the pontoon of the Oyster Adventure, and every afternoon at the Oyster Cabin, lots of activities are available every day:

-Mondays: fun activities with Bilout.
-Tuesdays : activities with  Piqthiu, a genuine local Charentais epicurean with his recipes and entertaining activities about oyster farming, oyster refining and the imperial shrimps from the Charentais marshes.
- Wednesdays:  a family show with Jeff d’Argy.
- Thursdays:  «Naturalibus» activities with the IODDE association.
- Fridays: Activities for English-speaking visitors at the Oyster Cabin from 10.30am to 11.30am

And every Monday and Friday: educational activities on the pontoon of the Oyster Adventure.