La Charente Maritime
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A ferry connects the two banks of the mouth of the Gironde is the Verdon- Royan ( Charente- Maritime) link ( Gironde side ) .

For more information:
Departmental maritime service
Le Verdon / Tel. 05 56 73 37 73
Royan / Tel. 05 46 38 35 15

Ports and anchorages

In total, the Charentais coast -Maritime offers a little more than 8,000 parking spaces ( berths , pontoons ) for boats. Locations distributed in 18 port sites that make up the department .

The Port des Minimes , with 3660 seats or rings, the Port des Minimes - 3300 anual rent and 360 for passage - is the most important port of the department website. It welcomes , in fact , 39 % of the fleet of ships in port site hosted in the Poitou -Charentes region. The Port des Minimes is the largest port in the Atlantic coast and one of the first in Europe.

Outside ports , there are also seasonal moorings representing nearly 5,000 positions. Of these , approximately 1300 buoys are arranged in wetting zone off port. They are located mainly around the islands of Oléron and Ré, La Tremblade, Saint Palais and La Rochelle.